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weekly and >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," forward, step one. as republican pundits blame tuesday's election results on ordinary americans, especially blacks latinos women young voters the president and democrats get on with the country's business. item number one for the adults to deal with, the looming fiscal cliff. think of it as a game of poker. we got a cool customer at the table and he's holding a winning hand. only problem is instead of folds, the other guy has a habit of flipping the table over, putting it to the barmaid's head. let's hope we catch him on a day when he's not listening to the voices.
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>> jennifer: mitt romney finally conceded florida today. florida joins seven other swing states in the blue column. just as vice president al gore predicted here "the war room" on tuesday. well-done, mr. vice president. so for all of you keeping score at home, the final electoral vote tally was 206 for mitt mitt romney. 332 for president obama. that would be a route. i just want to confess i had 303 in our pre-election electoral vote pool so al gore beat me fair and square. today, cbs reported a republican adviser said that actually mitt romney was "shell-shocked" by his loss in florida and his florida adviser today expressed regret, telling the "miami herald"...
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>> jennifer: well, he isn't the only one looking forward to the next fight. washington insiders are ready to rumble over the fiscal cliff and how to keep the country from careening over it, for a sense of what's at stake let's just take a tiny peek over the edge. if congress cannot reach a deal, every tax cut that was enacted since the year 2001 would expire. most importantly the bush tax cuts. and that means an average $3500 tax increase per household. on top of that, we would see $110 billion in spending cuts next year followed by $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years. now all of the pundits and the prognosticators and the prospect purveyors and the public accountants, they all predict that going over the fiscal cliff is going to wreak havoc on the
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economy. it's called the fiscal cliff. it's described in the suicidal terms. it is apocalyptic. it is armageddon, the end of everything we hold dear. today, the horror was amplified by a new congressional budget office report that said that if we did go over the fiscal cliff we're going to head back into recession, the unemployment rate would spike to over 9%. terrible picture! but dear junkies, take a deep breath. because it ain't gonna happen. mark my words. the one thing that congress loathes more than losing elections is getting their rear ends handed to them by every newspaper, businessperson and senior citizen clinging to an i.r.a. they cannot handle the heat of doing nothing. so believe me, they will act. i predict that they're going to
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extend the deadline until after the new congress arrives to give them time to work out a deal. it's going to be all over in a couple of months and it is going to be a fair and balanced solution. and really, based on exit polls voters seem to want that. in fact, the majority of people, six in ten said that they're willing to accept tax increases to avoid plunging the economy back into a recession. not to mention that the higher taxes are going to be on the wealthy. so it is easier for them to stomach. you know the old line, don't tax me. tax the man behind the tree meaning the rich guy behind the tree that's just the right height. more than that, the american people understand the importance of a balanced solution. they like the scalpel rather than the ax. the scalpel of taxes on the wealthy is better than the blunt ax that is the fiscal cliff. in the words of the great joe biden, the obama team's
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overwhelming re-election is a "clear mandate on our view about how to deal with tax policy." in other words, a fair and balanced view. but i do think it is a mandate all right! it is a mandate to resolve our problems in a way that helps the middle class. it is a middle class mandate. joining me now is democratic michigan senator and great friend of mine, debbie stabenow coming to us from lansing. senator debbie, so glad to welcome you back inside "the war room." >> jennifer, it is great to be back with you. >> jennifer: let me get right to it. first of all congratulations one of 20 women jumping into the senate. you're rejumping back in. you have to be excited about that. >> you know, i really am. when i think back, if you turn the clock back just to 2000, that was the first year that, when i was elected and we had a group of us come in. it was the first year we had enough women to have a woman on
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every committee if you can think of that. fast forward to this last term, there are five of us chairing committees, two of us in the democratic leadership and now we have 20 women so this is great news. >> jennifer: awesome. it is awesome. >> really is. >> jennifer: let me get to some substance because everybody is talking post-election now about the fiscal cliff. obviously after january, there are going to be more democrats in the house and the senate and even john boehner said that he -- he seemed to indicate that he wanted to wait until after january. do you think that that's going to happen, that there might be an extension of the runway, if you will, to allow for there to be negotiations in the next term? >> well, something has to be done now because the fiscal cliff and the sequestration across-the-board cuts in january. we'll have to see. i spoke with the president today. we've been speaking as a leadership team. we would like to do as much of it as we can now because -- if
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we can. but we don't really know what speaker boehner's words mean in terms of coming back. i do know that one thing we could do that would be very positive and very immediate would be to pass our farm bill which has $23 billion in deficit reduction in it. but i mean, we would like to do as much as we can. we've got a huge debt. we've got to address what needs to happen on tax reform as well. but we'll have to see. at this point i don't think we're fully going to know until next week when we come back. >> jennifer: you guys have a stronger hand so you should be able to get some of what you want. your message when you were running and your message has always been one of bipartisanship. do you think that we're going to see now, because you have a stronger hand, more bipartisan in the fiscal cliffs negotiations and going forward? >> you know, i think we will. we have to. i know in the senate, i think the big question is the house of representatives. but in the senate, we have
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colleagues that have been wanting to work together. you know, mitch mcconnell held people back saying just give us three more months, four more months, get us through the election. this is working. well, it didn't work and there was a lot of frustration because on the farm bill, people wanted to work together. we saw it on transportation where there was bipartisan support in the senate to get that done. we saw it on a tax bill that we passed in july, with senator baucus senator orrin hatch working together. i'm confident in the senate that there are people that want to work across the aisle and understand what's at stake. the real question will be what happens in the house and i hope that they're getting the message that the people want us to work together and get things done! >> jennifer: right. joe biden was saying that on -- to the press yesterday and we all know that the 60% number, 60% of people are now saying they think that taxes have to be
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a component of it. but because your hand is stronger, from a tactical perspective, do you think it is better to have the democrats sort of set the deal and bring it to the republicans or to wait for the republicans to bring the deal to the democrats? >> well, i think that we need -- obviously we've got to sit down and listen and work together. i think we should operate from a position of strength, at least when it comes from the standpoint of saying -- you know, middle-class families and seniors have paid enough in this situation. i feel very strongly that the top two rates of the bush tax cuts need to expire. that we need to say very clearly we're willing to negotiate. there is a whole range of things to negotiate on. but not the basics. we need to set this -- that folks who have done really well in the last decade need to help pay down this deficit. and we need to start from there. >> jennifer: yes. i'm so glad to hear that people want to approach it from a position of strength because your hand has been strengthened.
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>> absolutely. july all of these tea party candidates were defeated in the election. not enough but a lot of them were. >> right. >> jennifer: so were 55 candidates who signed the grover norquist pledge never to raiseú taxes. do you think that that defeat -- obviously what boehner has said is that he's open to revenue as long as he doesn't raise the rates, right? so that's the door, right? isn't that the opening that you go through? >> it is the opening. i do think though -- the pledge i would love people to sign, jennifer is a pledge for the middle class of this country who have been hit harder than anybody else. as we know, in michigan. and we're starting to come back. but the pledge needs to be to the people of the country. and not to grover. and so i'm hopeful that we're going to be able to look at all of this and understand that we have to contribute to this. we'll see what the message was that the house republicans
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thought that they heard but i know that the public was sending us a message to sit down, work together, make it fair for everybody. everybody is willing to chip in and do their fair share but you know, we have to have everybody at the table and as we know, we're never going to get out of debt with 12 million people out of work so we better be focused on jobs. >> jennifer: right. that's exactly right. because you were mentioning the farm bill that you're the chair of the senate ag committee that bill, as you mentioned, is a bipartisan bill. and yet it still failed to pass because mcconnell said he didn't want to do it before the election. how can you get -- it died in the house right? >> well, it is on the house floor. it is actually on the house floor. >> jennifer: what's the likely of getting it? >> i hope -- i'm going to assume it is high because starting in january, if we don't get the farm bill passed, we're going to see milk prices start to go up because a whole range of things kick in from depression-era
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policies that are absolutely irresponsible. we can get it done. the four leaders two democrats two republicans on the committee, of four of us want to get it done. there is no excuse not to get it done now. >> jennifer: food stamps, i think the cost of food stamps were one of the biggest hurdles last time. that, you think, you can overcome. >> we've tackled it by saying not one person who's ripping off the system ought to be getting help. we saved $4.5 billion by tightening things up. but if you're someone who's lost your job and has never had to ask for help before and you find yourself in a situation where you need to put food on the table for your family, that's what it is about. that's what it is supposed to be there for. interestingly, over the next -- the course of the farm bill, the next five years we actually see costs go down because the economy's getting better and people are going back to work. that's how we bring the cost down. but we've offered up savings by
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tackling it and i think that's where it is coming from. >> jennifer: michigan senator debbie stabenow, the woman with a backbone who won by 20 points and it is clear she's got a mandate from the middle class to bring their agenda to the table and we're so pleased that you brought that agenda into "the war room. thanks so much for fighting for us. >> thank you. >> jennifer: congratulations. thanks. coming up, forward ain't just a slogan. there is work to be done! and one of the first questions for team obama part two is who's going to be stickin' around to do it? later, she's an activist, an author, a spiritual pioneer and frankly, a hero to women around the world. i cannot wait to welcome marianne williamson into our san francisco studio. you're definitely going to want to stick around for that. it is a great show. we're off and running and we'll be right back.
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>> jennifer: you are back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. so with the election in his rear-view mirror, president obama is starting to focus on his top goals for his second term. his cabinet and his white house staff are going to be the people who help to shape that agenda. we all know that several members of the administration including the secretary of state, hillary clinton, have already signaled they're not going to be sticking around for the second term. others do want to stay but perhaps in different roles. so this is the famous parlor game that we political junkies love to play. who's staying who's going who might be coming in and joining us from washington tonight with
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a few educated guesses is somebody who knows the lay of the land very well, democratic strategist peter fenn. peter, welcome back. quite a week, huh? >> thanks. quite a week. a great week for us. that's for sure. >> jennifer: it has been so much fun just sort of kvelling and enjoying and gloating. anyway and watching the republicans -- >> breathe all week. how wonderful this is. >> jennifer: breathe it in. the sweet smell of democratic democracy. let's talk about the cabinet shuffling. i know we have an idea about at least three of the players that might be shuffling out. hillary clinton has made it very clear -- the possible replacements for her though have been mentioned are of course senator john kerry, the national security adviser tom donelan u.n. ambassador susan rice. three of the prominent names. what do you think? what are the pros and cons of each of those? >> well, i'll tell you i think senator kerry would be terrific.
7:18 pm
he has the stature the experience. people around the world know him and like him. of course, the downside is that we might have to have another special election in massachusetts and then scott brown is back. >> jennifer: of course. >> but you know, what's interesting about that my sense of it and i have a lot of family in massachusetts, you know, i have a feeling that duval patrick, should he decide to run in that special election, would be a real heavy favorite for it and also would be a great united states senator. so that might work through. that's an interesting kind of -- again, musical chairs. >> jennifer: i was just going to say that duval of course, might be up for another position which is -- eric holder, right? which one would he -- you know, head in the direction of? >> you know, i tell you i think if duval patrick had a chance to be in the united states senate, he might take that over the a.
7:19 pm
g. slot. he's a very competent lawyer. a very experienced lawyer. worked for a lot of companies and corporations before he ran for governor. but you know, it is a tricky one. the other one, i throw this at you, a crazy -- not so crazy actually but colin powell got aced out. wouldn't that be an interesting choice to have colin powell as secretary of state? >> jennifer: do you think he would do it again? been there done that, right? >> sometimes you're out for a while. you kind of -- you want to get back in the game. you see all of the issues around the world, the middle east now. an area where he might want to concentrate. he may say look, my career's done. i'm through. that's kind of a long shot for sure. >> jennifer: let's move to the secretary of the treasury now held of course by tim quiter in. he could be replaced by jacob
7:20 pm
lew -- he's the current chief of staff. he could be replaced. geithner could be, byers kin bowles who was clinton's chief of staff. maybe roger altman, maybe even gene sperling who is now head of the council of economic advisers. what do you think are the chances of any of those? >> you know, i think the interesting pick would be erskine bowles pick. rather controversial in some respects because of the commission. but erskine bowles might send a message to the folks on the hill that look, we're serious about putting together a deal here. he might -- he might be a bit of -- outside the box pick but you know i think altman is your wall street insider. he was a very popular deputy secretary of treasury. he's a very smart guy. he knows how the department works.
7:21 pm
so he's probably a safer choice for sure. on that one. >> jennifer: what do you think about someone, for example like you know, volcker or somebody who clearly -- if you pick someone like altman or erskine bowles, you're going to have progressives, i think upset. because they feel like he would be going to the middle. if you had somebody who was going to be clearly strong about, for example reinstating the glass stegall wall, do you think that might be something because the president does have a stronger hand, that he might shoot for? >> yeah, i think that's very possible. i mean i think the real question here is who can move this ball, this fiscal ball down the road faster and get a consensus there. you know, i think -- i will tell you something, i think this president may surprise us a little bit. look, i'm as liberal as the day is long but i tell you i think this president may say to some
7:22 pm
of the liberal folks look, guys, we've gotta get things together here. we've gotta move on the hill. we have a very -- we're going to have a tough coalition and i'm going to make some of these decisions that may -- republicans all think he's a socialist and wacko nut case liberal -- but i'll tell you this president is very pragmatic guy. >> jennifer: well, let's quickly talked -- we touched briefly on the attorney general. we talked about duval patrick. eric holder has said today in fact, he was quoted as saying he's not quite sure whether he's ready to leave or not. but if he does leave obviously governor patrick is a possibility. the other one that's interesting is homeland security secretary janet napolitano. another great former governor. also being considered. she might like to do it. do you think that she would have the nod? >> i think she's absolutely terrific. i think she's solid as a rock.
7:23 pm
i think she's proven herself in the homeland security area. i think -- you know, we need more women in the cabinet. we need more women in government. glad we have 20 senators. we need more. but i just think the world of janet napolitano. i think she would be a terrific person. no question duval is close to the president and it is one of those things that -- you know, if he's really interested in it and making a play for it, they may go that direction. but i just think -- >> jennifer: it is so much fun listening to you. my two favorite people. i love these guys. i served with both of them. and i just think they're both terrific and the president's got some great choice. peter fenn, thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." democratic strategist and up next progressives have their agenda for the next four years. and the question is whether it aligns with the president's and the president of course, has his own agenda. after the break we'll look at how closely those two might line up and later when women run for
7:24 pm
office we get better government. it is a fact, i know it. and you know it, too. marianne williamson most definitely knows it. we'll talk to her about that and more. you won't want to miss that interview. we'll be right back! all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently.
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>> jennifer: the election's over so it's time again for president obama to lead us all and right now the white house is likely sifting through what he's going to be leaning on in the second term agenda. president obama's going to likely stake out his ground on some important issues. we know fiscal reform is coming because of the fiscal cliff. we know immigration because he certainly has said that and it might be an easy way to go. with the republicans who need to make some inroads with the hispanic community and climate change is something that he has said that he wants to work on obviously clean energy jobs. he knows he's going to have to compromise though to get anything through the republican house. the question was going to be how much will the republicans be willing to compromise with him?
7:27 pm
now, an nbc news "wall street journal" poll from late october shows that 75% of americans want congress to compromise on the budget deficit. only 15% say that congress should stick to their guns. on the heels of the election, the president does have significant leverage. the progressive community is going to be eagerly watching to see how he uses that leverage. so with us now to look ahead to the president's second term agenda is democratic pollster john whaley from hart research. his data shows how much wiggle room the public is going to give the president and "san francisco chronicle" reporter joe garofoli is looking into the challenges congress and the democratic base could face in the second term. gentlemen, so glad to have you back. >> good to be here. >> jennifer: after the big event, it's all good. let me start with you joe. first of all, before we get into the what he's going to roll out. how soon does hes have to roll out the agenda?
7:28 pm
should he articulate it now? >> do it now. >> jennifer: really? >> he has the people's attention. after that great speech the other night, people feel like he's got his mojo back. he has to strike now. get it out there. and people want him to see him be a leader. put that little blue book that he passed out in the stage of the campaign get it out there. >> jennifer: get it out there and put it into law and lead with the congress but also lead publicly with the people. so john, you know, the fiscal situation obviously is the first thing on tap because of the expiration of the tax cuts and the sequester. cbs news, "new york times" poll from late october found that 64% of respondents want to see a combination of federal spending cuts and taxes being raised to reduce the deficit. some sort of balanced solution as i was talking about earlier in the show. so how much more leading does the president have to do with the public on that versus congress? >> well, i think you know,
7:29 pm
people are talking about this election being a status quo election. in my mind, it is about middle ground, middle class and moderation. >> jennifer: interesting. >> so there's so many polling results that show people are looking for a middle ground. and they want -- i think obama to lead and to take the hatfields and the mccoys and you know, bring them together and make this happen. and so while -- while you know, they want to compromise, someone has to make that happen. he can lead people to a compromise. >> jennifer: so the polling results demonstrate that he has cover and congress has cover if, in fact, they achieve the middle ground. >> he kind of tipped that in his speech when he recalled his line about there's no red states or blue states. blue america. only the united states of america. that's the obama that people remember and like from 2008. he needs to reincarnate that. >> jennifer: he's got more leverage with congress. does he not?
7:30 pm
so even though people call it middle ground, he has a stronger hand than he had before and so he can hold out for a little more -- unlike the republicans holding out all the time. not doing any tax increase at all. >> but i think he's going to have to bump it up a little bit. he was talking about $250,000 on the taxes. he'll probably have to go to a million dollars that way he can still say -- he campaigned on millionaires and billionaires. he can still say technically the taxes on the millionaires will remain high. >> jennifer: does he have the polling coverage on immigration? we know the republicans have a desire to do that because of losing so badly with latinos. >> he does. in the sense there is kind of a -- a middle ground position out there that people really rally around. and it is this -- this path to citizenship that does require undocumented immigrants to jump through some hoops --
7:31 pm
>> jennifer: to apply. the poll we were just showing here, cbs news said that 51% say that working undocumented immigrants should be able to stay and apply for citizenship. that's 51%. pretty good. 24% say they should leave their jobs and the country. that's probably the republican base. right? >> jennifer: 20% say they should stay against workers. if the republican base is the 24% who you have to leave how does the congress have the ability to move? do you think it doesn't matter? >> well, i mean the republicans are really in a turmoil now about this. because you know, there is a potential paradox here. how do you reach out to latinos and hold your conservative position. so i think that 24% is a little unstable at the moment. >> jennifer: they have to. >> win win win. obama wins. he owes it to latinos through the 2008 campaign promise. the republicans have to do it if
7:32 pm
they intend to be functional as a party. anymore. especially here in california. and how about for the 11 million people are in this country illegally. >> jennifer: do you think it is the first thing he does since it is so easy. >> i don't know if it is so easy. he has to get the fiscal cliff going. he can do this on parallel track. >> jennifer: does the fiscal cliff get resolved in the lame duck or an extension? >> it doesn't matter. >> i think it will. >> jennifer: you think they're actually going to come up with a grand bargain on the whole ball of wax? >> it was on the table before. >> jennifer: i'll bet you. not $10,000 but i'll bet you they extend. i can't grow a mustache. >> wear a fake one. >> grow out your hair. >> jennifer: you guys, thanks so much. appreciate you guys coming back inside. i wanted to talk about climate change, too but next time. that's another thing on the list. john whaley and joe garofoli. getting women to run for public
7:33 pm
office is something i'm passionate about. i'm so happy our next guest is, too. author and activist marianne williamson joining me for a substantive, significant conversation right here on current tv.
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a force. and that's our only hope, you know, is us. we need a savior and it's going to be us. we have found the enemy and they're us and now we need to be our own heroes. it's possible. we're the majority. we're strong. >> jennifer: that's comedian sarah silverman speaking out on behalf of sister giant. what is sister giant? it is a new movement that hopes to get more women to run for office and inject spirituality into the political arena and the woman behind sister giant is the world's renowned spiritual activist and lecturer and "new york times" best selling author, marianne williamson. i'm so pleased to welcome her on to the set of "the war room" tonight. >> thank you jennifer. it is a real honor to be here. >> jennifer: it is great to have you here. let's start with sister giant. is there something specific you want to convey to people about what sister giant is?
7:39 pm
>> well, we won more seats obviously in congress the other night. however, we still don't have anywhere near gender equity in either our federal government or in our state house. so we have moved maybe into 18% 19%. and i think that there is some very unique emotional and psychological issues that women that keep them from running. if a woman is running against a man, the electorate will vote for the woman as easily as for the man but when they're not running -- >> jennifer: why have you found this? i have my own theories about that. >> i think we're stopped more easily by embarrassment and humiliation. we're stopped more easily by personal attacks and demonization. i was reading a study the other day that if a man feels 20% confident of what he's about to say, he'll talk. a woman has to feel 80% confident. >> jennifer: that's so interesting. >> there are some unique issues. i also think more and more women are realizing that there's damage being done to this country because we're not contributing our voices.
7:40 pm
even talking a lot here on your program tonight about what matters and about what the president will deal with now and i like to think if more women are in office, we'll discuss the fact there are 23.1% child poverty rate in the united states. which, among 35 developed nations of the world we are second only to romania. there are tremendous areas of humanitarian -- humanitarian disaster here at home. >> jennifer: we're going to get to the issues in a second because i think there are a number of issues women feel passionately about. the reason why sister giant became -- what does the name sister giant mean? >> women who are big. >> jennifer: big women. >> and sisters. >> powerful women. >> we're acting together. we're standing up -- in our strength. it is not enough to just say we got more power the other night. in any system, when women get more power the question cannot just be did i get power? the question has to be with what are we going to do with it? you become co-opted by the status quo that let you in. >> jennifer: i tell women all
7:41 pm
the time, the reason why i think women don't run is because they don't want to put their toe into the toxic waters of politics for one thing. but you have to remind them, it is not about you. you are here to serve and to make the world better. it is about the cause. it is about what you want to change in the world. i think they can think about it like that. it is much easier. >> it is not just about us. my mother used to say to me, a woman's main role is to take care of the children and to take care of the home. i realized the way in which my mother was right. if we recognize that every child on this planet is one of our children and the earth itself is our home. with the high child poverty rate with 17,000 children who are starving to death on this planet every day american women should be a moral force. the high incarceration rate, jennifer we incarcerate more of our people than any country in the world. we're 5% of the world's population. 25% of its prisoners, the devastation being wreaked -- the havoc being weekend on our
7:42 pm
disadvantaged communities by the drug war which i think it is time to have that conversation. how we have not only a dropout rate from american schools we have a pushout rate. what's happening? we're incarcerating people that are so disadvantaged. >> jennifer: totally agree with you on those issues. even play defense a bit in this election, we saw so many issues for women being raised about us but not with us. in other words our bodies -- people deciding issues related to our own -- the sanctity of our own selves. the notion of sister giant is to encourage people to get beyond the barriers. >> absolutely. because a lot of women i know -- i'm a writer and speaker on issues of personal transformation spirituality. there are millions and millions of americans who are into yoga, recovery spirituality, religion who actually, because they're on a personal path of the heart look at the toxicity and the anger and the mean-spiritedness and the dysfunction of politics and go that's everything i'm trying to
7:43 pm
escape in my life. that's a real conundrum because if we turn away -- only the most counterfeit version of enlightenment would make you feel like you have a path on addressing human suffering. you can't be dealing with a path of the heart in your own life and ignore the fact that a child is starving. >> jennifer: so what sister giant is about is taking the inner work that people are doing and externalizing it for the good of -- >> people who are on the path of a heart and a path of consciousness and a path of personal transformation feel they can't find a place for themselves in the current political landscape i think the point is for us to re-create the conversation and make a conversation in the image of that which we feel strongly about. which dr. king did. it is not like this is new. >> jennifer: hang on. we got a conversation going. we have to continue after a quick break. marianne is perhaps best known as a spiritual leader, activist, we're going to talk about her
7:44 pm
work and much more so do not go away!
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
>> we're not a special-interest group. we're half of the country. so we should be reflected that way in politics. i can see where it is intimidating because it is still a highry partriarchal process. it is still a highly male-dominated world where we have to live by the social constructs of this gender bias where, you know, where the good little ladies. >> jennifer: that's actor and activist eva longoria speaking out on behalf of sister giant which is a new movement in american politics that hopes to effect change in large part by getting more women to run for office. starting in january. there's going to be at least 97 women serving in the u.s. house and senate. that is a record. but there is a lot more we can
7:48 pm
do says pastor author, founder of sister giant marianne williamson. thanks again for joining me and sticking around. >> thank you. >> jennifer: so yeah you bet. you are known -- i have known you as a pastor and as an author and are you a spiritual activist. do you have some concern in recruiting women for political office about the separation between the spiritual and the political? >> well, certainly as you know, jennifer, the separation of church and state and the constitution is one of the more enlightened, one of the most enlightened aspects of the constitution and it was placed there by the founders to protect both government from any religious interference as well as religion from any kind of governmental interference. when i give talks on the course of miracles every week in los angeles, no policemen gets to come in and say break it up, you're not on the list. >> jennifer: sure. >> so the founders were protecting the spiritual and religious conversation. this is not about religious dogma. a lot -- >> jennifer: a lot of times
7:49 pm
progressives have difficulty voicing their beliefs. >> let's talk about that because how that happened to the party of martin luther king and bobby kennedy is something to think about. the progressives act like they're too cool, too hip to talk about moral issues in a country where 95% of the american people say they believe in god. traditionally, the conservatives talk about private morality, god knows they do. traditionally, progressives talked about public morality. economic justice is a moral issue. our child poverty rate is a moral issue. our high incarceration is a moral issue. preemptive war is a moral issue. this extraordinary mill tarrism that becomes this boot force pattern by which we seek to solve all problems should be a moral issue. the fact that building prisons is one of the largest urban industries. this is a moral issue. so this idea that so many progressives have that we stay away from deep spiritual and philosophical concerns i think is not only a big mistake for
7:50 pm
progressives but i believe that it means that -- it not only means the left is failing to -- i think sister giant is more than happy to take on the story of the united states. even though the political conversation has become as we've already established toxic and dysfunctional but it is also small. it's nothing in terms of grand philosophical narratives of the world. the founding of the united states and the political narrative of the united states, what it means to say that we would have a country where to the best of our ability all people no matter what their background or circumstances would be able to self-actualize without external interference is something so philosophically grand, it is not just some small political conversation about taxes or -- even a tax question. it is kept in a small context that turns a lot of people off. >> jennifer: so in this sister giant movement, you are
7:51 pm
embolding women to be able to speak about moral issues like that as well. if you're helping to lead -- you're freeing up people not just to decide to run but to decide to run and use language that empowers them. that really does evoke the oneness of the united states and the deep spiritual basis on which the country was founded. >> if god created all people equal, if god created all men equal, it is not just in the united states, black people, that means women and everyone. it means all people on this planet. but you nailed it just now. it is that women, too many women feel they wouldn't get involved with politics because they would have to leave their heart behind. it is empowering women to feel they can speak from their heart but have the political vav i savvy and information they can back it up. >> jennifer: so you need to tell people specifically how they can find out more information about sister giant and is there an event coming up? >> this weekend. november 10th and 11th in
7:52 pm
los angeles. you can register, come on by the is a bon theatre. however if you're not in l.a. or southern california, you can live stream it. an full participant. live stream and people are either attending -- >> jennifer: how would they see it? >> in all 50 states. >> jennifer: all right. marianne williamson, the great. thank you so much. that was a very enlightening segment of "the war room." we have to change our name. we will be doing that. don't get on me about that. it's by far the most emotional part of being a leader which is thanking the people who got you there. the president addresses the folks on the ground right after this. we find the best sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted
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garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently.
7:54 pm
>> jennifer: we know what happens to the candidates when the election's over but what about the companies that make the candidates' attack ads? well brett ehrlich apparently knows so shh brett's talking now.
7:55 pm
>> so the election's over and you know what that means. a lot of companies that once made attack ads find themselves out of work to. make ends meet, a lot of them have started taking gigs in industries outside of politics. nowhere is this clearer than in the fast food industry. watch these. >> the burger king seems like a nice enough guy but are you comfortable buying america's favorite food from a dictator? mcds, the d is for democracy. ronald mcdonald is responsible for the content of this message. ronald mcdonald seems like a nice enough guy but what is he hiding behind that makeup? is it this? the truth is we just don't know. burger king. we sell whoppers. they tell whoppers. >> i'm the burger king. i approve this message.
7:56 pm
>> arby's, claims to be good mood food but what makes it good mood food? is it drugs? that sure would explain this mascot. ♪ >> a talking oven mitt? america already said no to one mitt. it's time to double down! brought to you by the double down. >> america. did you know that taco bell is mexican? nasty out there but that's how things are going to be until the next election season rolls around which the way this country works will be in two maybe three weeks. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: thank you brett. and now from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the humor to a bit of sweet humanity.
7:57 pm
president obama made a surprise visit to his campaign offices in chicago yesterday. and he gave what can only be described as a genuinely heartfelt thank you to the staff and the volunteers there. >> obama: even before last night's results i felt that the work that i had done in running for office had come full circle. because -- of what you guys have done. the work that i'm doing. i'm really proud of you. and what you -- [ applause ] >> jennifer: a real soft spot for men who are strong enough to cry. thank you all so much for joining us here in "the war room." come back and see us tomorrow night when we will be out of
7:58 pm
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